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Mother and child health manual


逆战靶场抽奖技巧: 產品名稱:Mother and child health manual

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Product Introduction

Background of the project

The popularization of 3G in the mobile network and the advent of the 4G era have rapidly raised the network speed of our country and provided a more advanced mobile communication platform for mobile applications. Thus, the business of the traditional desktop system is transferred to the mobile terminal. Network support rapid business development, data query, statistical analysis and other information services, more prominent wireless network advantages, greatly promoted the rapid development of mobile applications. Leo Maternal and Child Health Handbook based on the national standard maternal and child health manual, through the mobile APP, WeChat public number and other means to achieve mobile fill, query, statistics, reminders, printing and other functions.

Leo mother and child health APP

Functional advantages

This booklet contains prenatal care, maternal health care, birth records, child health care, vaccination and other aspects of the child's mark, parents' notes and doctor's notes, is the best gift to give to children.

Here you can learn about the free and affordable Huimin Maternal and Child Health Services provided by the party and government to understand maternal and child health knowledge and learn about early prevention and response during pregnancy and childhood critical situations.

1. Organic integration of pre-marital health care, pre-pregnancy care, maternal health care, child health care, vaccination of children, two cancer screening services;

2. To provide medical IoT devices, the test data automatically upload, real-time sharing;

Information collection / Tapping one machine;

Automatic height and weight measuring instrument, automatic height and weight measuring instrument for children, automatic baby height and weight measuring instrument, intelligent ruler, laboratory equipment, postpartum visit package;

3. To provide home networking equipment, the test data automatically upload, real-time sharing;

Weight scale, thermometer, abdominal circumference ruler, blood pressure meter, blood glucose meter, fetal heart rate instrument.

4. Institutional operation part, providing options / templates throughout;

5 for the client to provide feelings and feelings writing template;

6. Provide two-way real-time inspection reminder for institutions and clients;

7. To achieve self-help maternal and child health manual printing; paper version of the manual: applied for a national patent;

8. Service object can check the inspection curve.

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