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Child care overall solution


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Product Introduction
Program Overview
The LEO child health care system is a software system designed and developed based on national standards and local child health care services. The LEO child health care system is designed and developed based on the local child health care service. The LEO child health care system is designed for children over the age of 7 years through data interconnection and information sharing. file. System includes child health manual data items, maternal and child health manual data items, and public health platform for information docking. At the same time, IOT and big data technologies are used to solve the problems of manual entry, duplicate entry and online entry of grass-roots staff.
System advantages
1, intelligent data acquisition
Connect hardware equipment: laboratory equipment, medical equipment, medical imaging equipment, nutrition information management system, listen to the screen device, screen device, etc., to reduce manual entry.
2, a key automatically fill in
A key automatically fill in the default value, share data, reduce manual entry.
3, a unique set of fight function
To achieve "child health handbook" Daquan, get rid of the manual fill.
4, frail children management
Record fraudulent situations in real time to achieve mass management of frail children.
5, mother and child health manual
And maternal and child health APP APP interoperability, reduce the service time of inquiry, improve the efficiency of health care work.
6, information sharing
Child health data information and other system module data of LEO MCH information platform all share information and get rid of double entry.
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