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Two cancer screening solutions


逆战鲲灵吞噬动天使: 產品名稱:Two cancer screening solutions

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Product Introduction
Background of the project
In order to implement the key tasks of deepening the reform of the medical and health system, improve the early diagnosis and treatment rate of cervical cancer and breast cancer in rural women (hereinafter referred to as "two cancers"), reduce the mortality rate of "two cancers" and improve the health status of rural women and gradually Establish a long-term mechanism to safeguard the health of women. In 2015, the State Health and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the All-China Women's Federation continued to carry out the "two cancers" inspection program for rural women.
Program Overview
With the national promotion of "cancer screening", more and more women of the right age have received the service of "early diagnosis and early treatment." Leo Group takes care of women as its mission. According to the state regulations, combining with breast cancer and cervix Cancer screening process, developed a special application of cancer screening program software system, the system can achieve regional information sharing and the required data can be uploaded to the national direct reporting system.

1, support the existing data migration import
Support according to historical inspection data automatically form the patient's medical history table.
2, support Excel information import
3, seamless docking software systems at all levels
Seamless docking hospital HIS, LIS, PACS and other systems, and all levels of MCH information platform interoperability data.
4, matching / connection networking equipment
Use IoT technology to screen / connect basic information entry equipment, breast cancer testing equipment, cervical cancer testing equipment, and follow-up equipment at all stages of the cancer screening business.

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